• 国际会议销售


    Job Responsibilities / 岗位职责:1 Conduct researches in targeted industry and prepare high quality customer lists高端会议产品的学习与掌握2 Identify clients’needs and approach key decision-makers through professional cold calls, emails and other tools高端会议项目目标市场与客户掌握3. Collect political and business news, finish marketing research independently 关注时政新闻,商业动态,独立完成市场调研 4. Invite Decision Makers from Fortune 500 corporations to attend or sponsor our business summit/conference邀请500强企业的决策人士参与或赞助高端会议 5. To collect potential attendees information, including name, position, phone number , and so on运用多种渠道收集相关决策人信息 6. To achieve sales target and assessment efficiently积极高效的完成销售目标及考核7. Provide on-site coordination and services to all the attendees现场客户服务   Qualifications / 基本要求: 1. College degree or above, major in English, Business, Management or Finance preferred 大专及以上学历,英语、商学、管理、金融等专业优先 2. Excellent communication skills in both English and Mandarin, CET6 or above CET6以上, 熟练的中英文表达沟通能力 3. Extrovert, Proactive, result-oriented and stress-resistant 充满活力与激情,结果导向,抗压性强 4. Possess a passion for sales, self-motivation and ambition for a considerable income 热爱销售工作,有上进心,愿挑战高薪 5. Relevant sales experience preferred; proficiency in office software like Word, Excel, Power Point..etc preferred 有相关销售经验者优先; 熟练掌握Word,Excel, Power Point等软件者优先   Salary and Benefits / 薪资福利: 1. Basic salary + Commission + lunch subsidy 底薪+提成(月度、年度)+奖金+餐补 2. Excellent career prospects(Junior Sales/Senior Sales / Sales Manager/Sales Director/VP for Sales) 广阔的发展空间 (初级销售/ **销售/销售经理/销售总监/销售副总裁)3. Attractive benefit package (Insurances / housing fund, commercial insurance, public holidays and Annual leaves)s 优厚的薪资待遇 (五险一金、商业保险、法定假日、带薪年假)4. Comprehensive and professional training Program (research skills, sale skills, industry knowledge, etc.) 统一进行系统专业的培训 (市场调研技巧,销售技巧,产业知识等培训) 5. Rich corporate culture (company trips, outdoor events, dinner parties, etc.) 丰富的企业文化 (公司旅游、户外活动、聚餐等集体活动)有意者请将简历发送至“joycew@all-gengroup.com”(简历命名形式:“应聘岗位+应聘者姓名+应届生/非应届生”),我们会在3个工作日内以邮件或电话形式告知面试时间,请留意。
  • 市场品牌专员/市场部助理


    Job Responsibilities / 岗位职责Brand Promotion: Comprehending company culture, responsible for the brand marketing and event promotion plans品牌推广:理解企业文化的宣传宗旨,对品牌的市场定位与分析,负责公司产品的品牌推广以及推广渠道的拓展;Product Packaging: Design for the promotion materials and adverts such as brochures, websites, etc.产品包装:负责宣传品(宣传册,网站等)的策划;Sales Market: Brief sales team and working with them closely to analyze the market direction and adjust telemarketing timely;销售市场:定期分析销售现状及市场方向;EDM: Writing the newsletter or email campaigns to subscribers(English and Chinese)邮件营销:负责品牌及项目的软文编辑和投放(全英/中英双语);Media and PR: Extensive public relation work leading industry media & association to build up the brand of our product;媒体公关:与行业内顶尖的媒体及协会协商谈判,拓展品牌的宣传渠道;Social Media: Operating FaceBook, LinkedIn, Wechat Official Account, etc;社交媒体:维护品牌的LinkedIn, FaceBook, 微信公众账号等;Customer Relations:CRM management and data maintaining;Customer Relations:调研潜在客户,定期补充并整合客户资源库,维护客户关系Follow up Marketing Channels: Marketing channel tracing and analyze to work out the plan of next stage营销渠道追踪:对实行的各个营销渠道进行有效追踪和总结,调整下一阶段的营销计划 Qualifications / 基本要求1、 0-2 years’ work experience, bachelor degree or above. Major in Finance, Business , Economy or English  is  preferred.   0-2年工作经验,本科及以上学历,金融、工商管理、经济学、英语等专业优先;2、Good ability of logic and analysis   良好的逻辑思维及分析能力;3、Good ability of bilingual oral expression and writing    良好的中英文口头及书面表达能力;4、Good ability of copywriting and editing.    良好的文字功底,较强的信息采编能力;5、 Proficiency in office software like Word, Excel, Power Point..etc, mastering Photoshop preferred     熟练使用Microsoft Office各种办公软件(Word,Powerpoint,Excel);会使用Photoshop者优先6、Highly self-motivated, high responsibilities, ability of finding out and solving problems     高度的自我激励能力,责任心强,具备主动发现任务并解决问题的能力;7、Passionate, extraverted and enthusiastic     富有激情和活力,为人开朗热情;8、Good ability of handling and forecasting market     对市场把握能力,前瞻性较强;9、Innovative thinking, breakthrough spirit      有创新意识,有突破精神;10、Good ability of communication, working under pressure     良好的沟通能力,能承受工作压力,有责任心;有意者请将简历发送至“joycew@all-gengroup.com”(简历命名形式:“应聘岗位+应聘者姓名+应届生/非应届生”),我们会在3个工作日内以邮件或电话形式告知面试时间,请留意。